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Leadership Language: Why Your Word Choices Matter

Leadership is important in order for a company to succeed. Without a great leader, an organisation will have no direction and everyone seems to be out of control. But when you got a great leader on your team, you work like a well-oiled machine where everyone works smoothly like dancing on a perfect choreography.

However, leadership is a quality that not everyone possesses. Some say that great leaders are born, while others believe this skill can be developed through hard training and time. But regardless of the fact whether acquired or nurtured, language is important skill every leader should have.

The problem is that we see leaders who either don’t communicate; over communicate; communicate inappropriately through outbursts, anger, or blaming; or don’t communicate clearly. Effective communication through strong interpersonal communication is the most critical skill a leader can possess when working with others and it continues to be of great importance to meet the demands of employee retention and in the building of trust and confidence in an individual’s and organisation’s leadership.

When it comes to connecting with their subordinates, many leaders fail to hit the mark to a lack of interest in others ideas and opinions, out dated management styles, and the inability to work with others. The ability to listen, read body language, ask questions, provide feedback and generate effective two-way communication builds trust & can also prevent performance problems/challenges down the road.

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